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Game Camera Accessories

Covert Scouting Cameras 6.4V LifePo4 Wall Charger 5298

In-Store Price: $24.99
$26.99 incl. shipping

The 6.4V LifePo4 Wall Charger is designed as an alternate way to charge Covert Scouting Cameras' 6.4V LifePo4 battery. The battery is primarily meant to work with a solar panel to supply a steady charge to Covert trail cams with rechargeable batteries...

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Covert Scouting Cameras Covert Tree 60 Camera Mount, 5205

In-Store Price: $57.99
$23.99 $18.99 incl. shipping

The Tree 60 is a great way to mount and position your camera. Can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position. Use to mount most any surface. By changing screws you can even mount to a rock or concrete! Easily position your camera to the correct...

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Stic-N-Pic Add A Cam Snow Camo, 5071-SNPC

In-Store Price: $16.99
$16.99 incl. shipping

Looking to capture the entire landscape of an area? Add-A-Cam Brackets allow you to add extra cameras onto the Stic-N-Pic Trail Camera Stand or Tree Mount! In most cases, 3 cameras will provide you with a 360-degree view: all Add-a-Cam brackets rotate...

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Stic-N-Pic Strap-On Tree Mount Snow Camo 5073-SO-SNPC

In-Store Price: $27.99
$28.99 incl. shipping

All the strength and flexibility of our trail camera stand now in a tree mount. Put your trail camera exactly where you want it with the Stic-N-Pic Trail Camera Tree Mount.The simple, yet versatile, design allows for easy set up and installation: 1...

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