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Feed & Attractants

Ani-Logics Braggin' Rights Apple Deer Attractant 6lb 70151

In-Store Price: $14.99
$26.99 $24.99 incl. shipping

Attract a shooter worth bragging about! Different sources of attractants are sometimes required at different times of the season and in different parts of the country. Using chestnuts as an attractant is a secret trusted by hunting professionals. Braggin...

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Evolved Habitats Deer co-Cain Mineral Block 4lb 42598

In-Store Price: $8.99
$18.99 incl. shipping

Deer co-Cain is a beneficial mineral supplement that attracts deer by releasing a mineral vapor trail. After initial application, moisture will cause these minerals to keep reacting and attracting deer. Bucks seeking minerals for overall health and rack...

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Evolved Stump Likker 1 Gallon Deer Attractant, 34085

In-Store Price: $18.99
$28.99 incl. shipping

This combination of minerals and molasses can be poured over stumps and logs to create a nutrient packed mineral site that deer find irresistible.This combination of minerals and molasses can be poured over stumps and logs Creates a nutrient packed...

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Persimmon Crush Deer Attractant Powder 5lb 00422

In-Store Price: $9.99
$20.99 $17.99 incl. shipping

The concentrated flavors of persimmons are combined in this high fat and carbohydrate blend to create an all-natural powder deer crave. This ready to hunt formula is sure to keep your deer fed and create habit forming and predictable feeding patterns to...

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Primos Hunting Deer Nutz Deer Attractant 5.25 Lbs, 58861

In-Store Price: $14.99
$25.99 $21.99 incl. shipping

Deer Nutz is a premium blend of soybeans, peanuts, alfalfa, corn and protein pellets. Designed to have such an overwhelming appeal to deer that they come in now. Deer Nutz can be used in troughs, automatic and ground feeders, or can be poured directly on...

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Wildgame Acorn Rage Deer Supplement, 00047

In-Store Price: $14.99
$23.99 incl. shipping

Wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage is made with real acorns, believed by many to be the best natural deer attractant available. Acorn Rage now allows for the use of real acorns all year long. The special blend of crushed acorns and soybean meal not only...

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Wildgame Fall Feast Crush Salt 4 Lb Block, 00311

In-Store Price: $4.99
$11.99 incl. shipping

Deer instinctively crave real sweet potatoes, pumpkins and carrots and finally you get that flavor in a long lasting mineral block. Formulated with the original Fall Feast Crush in mind, this product acts like a time released version of the original...

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Wildgame Sugar Beet Crush Salt 4 LB Block, 00015

In-Store Price: $4.99
$21.99 incl. shipping

Sugar Beets are one of the most powerful deer attractants available, and Wildgame Innovations now gives you this powerful attraction in three easy to use formulas. Sugar Beet Crush Juiced is a gooey, gel mineral mixture that attracts quick but is also...

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Wildlife Research Doe in Estrus 4 oz, 225-4

In-Store Price: $14.99
$14.99 incl. shipping

Doe in Estrus natural doe urine with estrus secretions. Carefully collected from whitetail does. Triggers the sexual attraction instinct of Whitetail Bucks. Brings in bucks aroused.Natural Doe Urine with Estrus Secretions Carefully collected from...

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