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Gun Raffle Success Guide


Fund raising success!

Gun raffles are a great choice.

Gun Raffle Fundraisers are a great way for your non-profit group to earn money. We've done hundreds of raffles for hundreds of groups and we have a clear cut process to make your raffle a success. Gun raffles are usually a very attractive and successful option because raffle-ticket buyers perceive a firearm to have high desirability and impulse-buyer appeal more often than other lesser items. Plus, when there are several firearms to give away with a relatively inexpensive entry fee of $10-$20, ticket sales become easier.


Leverage our Marketing Power

Raffles are ALWAYS a big-hit in social media and email marketing...consider that we have over 280,000 facebook followers (as of 04/2015) we can leverage to help your raffle succeed! We can mention your raffle on Facebook, our website and include in email blasts. If you want to have an epic raffle, you're on target working with us!


Here's how we get started:

  1. Come in and talk to a store manager to get your raffle started and we'll help you put a raffle budget together.  Groups outside Ohio should email to get started.
    • 500 tickets at $20 each = $10,000
    • Reserve 5 guns at $400, you raised $8,000! - 1/100 chance to win
    • Reserve 10 Guns at $400, you raised $6,000! - 1/50 chance to win
  2. Pick out the guns you want to raffle and we'll reserve them for you.
  3. Print out your tickets and start collecting money towards your event.
  4. Once you've raised enough money to cover the firearms we've reserved for you, come in and pay us for them.
  5. We will issue you gift cards that are set with the exact dollar value needed to purchase the designated firearms.
  6. Take the gift cards to your event and choose your raffle winners. Provide each winner with a gift card
    • Winners from outside Ohio may travel to one of our stores to pickup their rifle or shotgun.  Handguns will be shipped to the FFL dealer of their choice.  Winners pay shipping.
    • This is one reason we use gift cards which make exchanges easy and hassle-free for you.
    • Plus winners will have the convenience of using their gift-card online to pre-purchase their firearm or something else that they'd like.
  7. Winners bring in the gift cards to purchase the gun they want or put it towards anything else they'd rather have.
  8. This process ensures all Federal A.T.F. regulations are followed and your raffle is a sure-fire success!