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Winchester Double X 12 GA 3 10rd, STH1234

In-Store Price: $18.99
$27.99 $20.99 incl. shipping

SUPREME® HIGH VELOCITY MAGNUM TURKEY LOADS•Copper-plated, buffered shot •10 rounds per box, 25 boxes per case12 Ga. 3'1-3/4 Oz. Shot4 Shot SizeOunce of Shot: 37989Gauge: 12Shell Length:...

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Winchester Super-X 16 GA 2 3/4, XU166A

In-Store Price: $11.99
$20.99 $14.99 incl. shipping

Consistent, dependable performance. One-piece hinged wad for consistent, tight patterns and reduced felt recoil. Clean burning powder reliable ignition. 25 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case.WARNING:...

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Winchester Super-X 20 GA 2 3/4 25rd, XU207

In-Store Price: $8.99
$18.99 $10.99 incl. shipping

Super-X Shotshells are hard-hitting and reliable. From deer to upland birds, there is a Super-X Shotshell for almost every quarry. First introduced in 1922, Super-X ammunition delivers better, and...

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Winchester Super-X 20 GA 2 3/4 25rd, XU20H7

In-Store Price: $8.99
$17.99 $10.99 incl. shipping

WINCHESTER AMMUNITION Heavy GameWinchester XU20H Super X Heavy Game Loads 20 ga 2.75 in 1 oz 7.5 Shot 25Box/10CaseLoad up with the legendary Super-X ammunition made with the same skill, care and...

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Winchester SXP Defender 18 12ga, 512252395

In-Store Price: $309.99
$364.99 $316.99 incl. shipping

The 12 gauge Winchester Super X Pump Defender is a serious option for home defense shotgun. It incorporates an 18" barrel, simple bead front sight, and black synthetic furniture. Additionally this...

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Federal Ammo 7mm-08 Rem Win X708

In-Store Price: $34.59
$44.99 $34.59 incl. shipping

Super-X Power Point ammunition offers a unique exposed soft nose jacketed bullet design that delivers maximum energy on target. Strategically placed notches around the jacket mouth improve upset...

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