Can you ship my firearm to my house or office directly?
  • No. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (or ATF) regulates all guns sold or transferred. Laws state they must be shipped to a FFL holder who will then transfer the firearm to you after doing a background check.

What is a FFL?
  • "FFL" stands for Federal Firearm License. Dealers can apply and receive a license to buy, sell and transfer firearms. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (or ATF) is the government agency the regulates firearm sales and transfers in the US. All guns sold or transferred need tracked by an FFL Dealer. There are over 50,000 license holders. These FFL holders are usually outfitter or gun stores like our own, pawn shops, gun repair shops or even individuals who have obtained a license. All firearms sold on the internet to non-licensed holders (YOU) must be shipped to a local FFL dealer or individual who will then transfer the firearm to you by filling out ATF form 4473 and doing a background check.

How do I arrange for a licensed dealer to receive my firearm?
  • First, this may be the first time you've been through this process, but there are thousands of firearms purchases over the internet everyday. Most all FFL Licensed dealers are very familiar with this process. On our website is a list of businesses that have an FFL License. Please click on the "FFL Steps 1-2-3" button near the top of the page in the dark red bar. You will find lists of FFL dealers according to your state that you can contact. Once you have selected a dealer close to you, call them and ask them a few of these sample questions:

    "Will you please accept a Firearm transfer I purchased over the internet?"
    "Can I get a copy of your FFL License to send to Woodbury"
    "Can you please fax a copy of your FFL License to Woodbury at 888-777-2572?"
    "What is your normal policy for receiving firearm transfers?"
    "How much will you charge when I pick up my transfer?"
    "What documentation do you need me to bring when I pickup my transfer?"

    Please call us at anytime during this process to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your transfer.

Do I have to call my FFL Dealer to let them know a Firearm is coming?
  • If you have not informed an FFL Dealer that your firearm is being shipped to them, you have missed a step in the process. You need to contact us immediately at 740-623-2227. You may have purchased a firearm, but we will not send it until we get information from you including a copy of the FFL Dealer's License. FFL Dealers always need to be aware of transfers coming.

What fee will my FFL Dealer charge?
  • We cannot anticipate what your FFL Dealer will charge you. Most fees are between $15-$35. It is possible you will pay much more or nothing at all. You need to ask your FFL Dealer who will receive your firearm from us.

How long will the FFL Dealer hold my gun?
  • We cannot anticipate what your FFL Dealer's policies are. In any case we are not responsible for shipping charges incurred if your gun is shipped back to us by your FFL Dealer, please contact the FFL Dealer you have selected an ask about any policies they have concerning pickup and/or holding your firearm.

What is a background check?
  • The US Justice Department created the National Instant Background Check System, known as NICS. This is accessed by licensed firearms dealers and law enforcement services. The information that is obtained through this firearm background check service is supplied by the FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies. The FFL Dealer is required to perform this check to ensure you are legally able to receive a firearm that has been transferred to you from us, or that they have sold to you themselves. Many people are prohibited from owning a firearm because they are:
    Convicted felons
    Unlawful drug users
    People committed to a mental institution or have been deemed mentally incompetent by court order
    Those dishonorably discharged from the military
    People who have renounced their American citizenship
    People who have domestic violence restraining orders or have been convicted of violent crimes or domestic violence.
    If you go to the FFL Dealer you have chosen and fail to pass the background check that they run on you, you will not be able to receive the firearm you have purchased. In almost all cases the gun will be shipped back to us at your expense. If your background check has discrepancies that need resolved that is your responsibility to correct by consulting a lawyer and filing appeals to correct the NICS records. FFL Dealers can not change the NICS records and will lose their ability to sell guns if they let you have yours when you failed the background check they are required to perform.

The new firearm I received looks like it's been fired! It was supposed to be new!
  • We do not open and inspect packages that ship to us from manufactures. If the gun has been listed online as new it is because we purchased a "new gun" from the manufacturer as new. Manufacturers test fire all, most or some new guns they sell to dealers like us. If your gun appears to be fired, the manufacture most likely fired it in a quality control test to ensure they are sending quality products to their customers. Most manufactures clean guns well after such tests, but that is not a guarantee that yours has been cleaned. There may be residual powder, rotation marks on revolvers, cosmoline (looks like rust), scuffs or other signs of wear. All guns listed as new are new from the manufacturer. We always list used guns clearly as used.

Do you accept gun trades?
  • We do not accept gun trades over the internet. We are looking into ways to make this possible, but until then please stop by our retail location with the used gun you would like us to consider purchasing or trading.
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