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It's a deer/game cooler, a wine cooler, a food & beverage cooler, a floral cooler, a keg cooler, produce cooler and more!

It's the Game Keeper Cooler…a walk-in cooler designed by professional, commercial refrigeration technicians for indoor or outdoor residential use.

The Game Keeper Cooler is energy efficient and environmentally friendly cooler that plugs in to any 110 volt outlet!

Deer hunting season in the Midwest seems to be getting warmer and milder each year. Many hunters have become very concerned about leaving their harvest to hang outside in 50+ temperatures. Plus, as most hunters know, allowing your prize to hang for a longer period of time at the right temperature means much tastier and tender meat.

On the other hand, you don't want your harvest to freeze…another advantage of owning a Game Keeper Cooler!

With hooks, shelving packages and even tap systems, you can truly enjoy your hunting adventure from start to finish. Harvest your game from the field to your cooler and be assured that it will be preserved at the ideal temperature. Relax and process at your own pace!

Optional Extras:

  • Exterior color options: Green, Sand, or Gun Metal (blue/grey)

  • Shelving Packages (36" for $98.00; 48" for $135.00)

  • Meat Rails ($52 per Rail; $160 per Rail for "The Maximum" model cooler)

  • Hanging Hooks ($5.75 per Hook)

  • Beer Tap System (1 Tap $269.00)

  • Diamond Plate Flooring ($165, $265 and $325)

  • Custom-designed models to suit your need