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Hunters, and gun enthusiasts unite!

10 years ago: A "Boot-iful'
Beginning Our owner and his wife went shopping for hunting boots online years ago and noticed huge price markups as compared to a local hunting store. So they bought a couple extra boots and sold them on internet auction sites for much less then their online competitors without any gimmicks or tricks. It's easy to sell stuff when you sell for less and sell honestly with integrity. When the boots sold very quickly, they just kept feeding the fire. It was more boots and more sales until eventually they opened a small retail location near the enormous Woodbury Wildlife game reserve in Coshocton County Ohio. The retail location was necessary to get direct-from-manufacturer prices, so it made sense in keeping with the basic principles of our business: Sell for less and sell honestly with integrity. In a few years the store has doubled in size several times over and can now boast the largest in-store gun display in Ohio. We carry thousands of items in stock and are still growing. The super-competitive online-auction sales effort has been the core of our business since the beginning and we want to continue that with our website. Our owners know we will succeed if we sell for less and sell honestly with integrity, we hope we earn the chance to prove this to you.

When you call our main line at 740-623-2227, you can be connected through our phone system to the Archery Counter, the Gun Counter, or the Online Sales department

Techno-Hunt & Indoor 20-yard Archery Range
The weather isn't always archery-friendly, but we are! Stop in with your friends and go on a virtual big-game hunt with your bow and arrows! Our state-of-the-art Techno Hunt simulator is amazing to watch and play. The computer measures your arrows trajectory, speed and impact site when you shoot at live footage of bear, elk, whitetail and much more! Practice your skills and try something new when you visit Techno Hunt. All you need are your bow and arrows. Please call for appointment, walk-ins are welcome, but may have to wait. Join us for a great time in our 20-yard archery range! We've got a very spacious area right in the store that's great for getting your archery fix and competing against your friends. Please check our monthly flyer for regularly scheduled tournaments and specials!

Guided & Unguided Hunts (our sister company:)
OhioTrophyBuck.com is a very successful guided & unguided hunting enterprise. Bring your family or friends for an unforgettable experience hunting on our managed lands where we cultivate the largest trophies for your complete hunting experience. Visit the website OhioTrophyBuck.com and check out our photo galleries showing trophies and trail camera photos of all kinds of game going back many years!