• We insure all firearms and all other items over $100 we ship.
  • Ammunition cannot be shipped together with your firearm.
  • All ammunition shipped requires an adult signature upon arrival.
  • You must be at least 21 to purchase handgun ammo.
  • You must be at least 18 to purchase rifle ammo.
  • Orders will not be shipped on Saturday or Sunday or any other day that USPS, UPS and Fed ex. does not provide pick-up, such as a holiday.
  • We cannot ship reloading powder.


Return Process:

  1. Call us to discuss the details of the return.
  2. We will provide a quote on how much we will refund your return
  3. We will give you instructions on how your item needs to be returned

Incorrect or Damaged New Items and "No-Longer-New" Items

  • If we ship you a product that you did not order, we will provide a full refund, full retun shipping and re-ship your correct item at no additional cost if your item is still new. This excludes guns that are "No-Longer-New" in-which the customer has already taken possession of the firearm by filling out the paperwork upon recieving the gun that their FFL Dealership.
    • Products are guaranteed to be correct by manufacturer's product number only
    • Pictures, descriptions and our sales representatives can sometimes be in error about the product you are purchasing. We do not guarantee this information to be 100% without error.
  • If you recieve an item that was damaged in transit we will provide a full refund and ship an undamaged replacement as soon as possible. We may request you take pictures of the item.
  • If you recieve an item that has a manufacturer's defect or damage inside of an undamaged shipping container, please call; we will in most cases work out a full refund or arrange complete replacements as soon as possible.
  • We cannot refund or accept returned ammunition. Please call, we will try and workout an acceptable solution.
  • Items that have been: "Tried", "Used", "Tested", etc., or has Opened Packaging these products are "No-Longer-New" and will not be eligeable for a full refund.
  • Items after 30 days from the arrival date will be deemed: "No-Longer-New" reguardless of the condition and will not be eligeable for a full refund.
  • Depending on the condition, situation, and type of product you wish to return we will provide in-store credit to be quoted when you call to discuss your return.

Background Check Failures

  • If you fail to pass the background check at your FFL dealer.  Your order must be cancelled and the gun must be shipped back to our location at your expense.  You will receive a partial refund based on our cancelled orders policy - but the gun will not fall under the "No-Longer-New" policy as you have not yet taken possession of the gun.

Cancelled Orders

  • If you cancel after payment but before shipping you will be charged an 8%+$30 restocking fee for firearms that are State Specific (CA, MA ECT.).  If you cancel after the item ships, you will be charged additionally to have it shipped back.
  • If you cancel after payment but before shipping you will be charged a 8% restocking fee for non-firearms.  If you cancel after the item ships you will be charged additionally to have it shipped back.

Data Errors

  • We try our hardest to correctly manage our data and prevent these errors from happening but they do.
  • We reserve the right to cancel an order that may have a price, picture, stocking information or other information that has been incorrectly set due to a data error.

Out of Stock Orders & Backorders

  • If an item was ordered but cannot be shipped ontime due to a data error and the item being out of stock, we will try and find a replacement as soon as possible and your order will become a backorder.
  • You may decided to cancel your order if this occures and recieve a full refund.

Different Pricing: Website, Auction, Retail, Flyer

  • We will honor prices found on the website, including flyer prices designed for our retail location sales. Other sales such as auctions that opperate on different websites may have different price points, terms and conditions. Auctions opperate much differently than retail and website sales in nature and we will not be able to honor all pricing due to this.
  • Retail sales published in our flyer can be redeemed online with a quick call to our website department for your order. Shipping rates apply.
  • We do not offer military discounts as the internet margins are so low already. Our published price is the lowest we can go online.
  • Multiple Items may be ordered at a discounted rate or different shipping rate than published in some high-volume cases. Please call for a special order quote.